“My clients appreciate and rely on my ability to understand and share their goals and concerns relating to managing and owning real estate in New York City based on my unique experience.”


Brooklyn Law School
Juris Doctor


New York State Courts

Daniel is a Partner at Kucker, Marino, Winiarsky, & Bittens, LLP, since 2019, as a senior attorney whose practice areas include representing commercial and residential landlords and tenants in New York City. He specializes in rent control law, rent stabilization, residential and commercial real estate law. His expertise includes DHCR and rent regulation (rent overcharge, decrease services, and lease complaints, as well as, deregulation and demolition applications) including the appeals of DHCR decisions at DHCR and at Supreme Court via Article 78 proceedings. His expertise also spans commercial and residential landlord tenant disputes in Housing Court, Civil Court, Supreme Court, and at DHCR, having overseen thousands of landlord tenant disputes from inception to conclusion.