Can NYC Landlords File New Evictions after the New Executive Order?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s latest executive order opens the doors for new commercial evictions to be filed, with some limitations.

Tenants eligible for government unemployment assistance, those who are facing financial hardship due to the pandemic and are being evicted for nonpayment, are still protected. New cases also cannot be e-filed in the housing court.

But lawyers are split in their interpretation of landlords’ options.

While some attorneys believe that they can bring new residential evictions to the Supreme Court, KMWB’s Nativ Winiarsky told The Real Deal:

“The new executive order opened the door a little bit — now you can pursue those actions against residential and commercial tenants who haven’t been impacted by Covid-19,. But the first executive order stays all eviction orders through June 20 — no evictions can take place until then.”

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