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Governor Cuomo Extends Response Window for Tenants

Governor Cuomo signed a new order on November 3rd creating a 60-day window for tenants to answer eviction filings to avoid default judgements. Of more than 17,000 residential nonpayment cases filed since June 22, 15% of tenants had answered as of October 29. The...

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Tenant Attorneys Fear Default Judgments

The latest executive order pausing default judgments is set to lift on November 4th, and tenant attorneys fear that nearly 15,000 cases will be lost by default. Concerned that the courts have not appropriately warned tenants about default judgments, they are calling...

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NY Courts Say They Won’t Expand Eviction Bans

New York's Office of Court Administration effectively extended New York eviction bans, set to expire on June 20, through September. Now, however, they say that they will not continue to extend the holds on evictions. Despite the Court calling on the other two branches...

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New York Judge Issues Bewildering Directive

Last Thursday, Judge Lawrence Marks issued a memo laying out the steps for filing new evictions electronically or by mail. Unfortunately, the system is not yet operational. The memo states that Gov. Andrew Cuomo's previous blanket eviction moratorium would remain in...

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Pre-Pandemic Evictions Facing More Delays

Last week, the NYC Bureau of Marshals issued guidance for the re-service of thousands of eviction notices issued before March 16. These pending evictions are now "stale"; more than 30 days have passed since the earliest eviction date on the notice. The new guidance...

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Guidance Issued for Upcoming Eviction Cases

New York Civil Court Administrative Judge Anthony Cannataro issued three notices on Friday regarding Gov. Cuomo's latest executive order. The order prohibits nonpayment evictions against "someone that is eligible for unemployment insurance or benefits" or a...

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