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Gov. Cuomo’s New Executive Order: What’s the Catch?

Governor Cuomo rolled out an extension last week on the state's moratorium on convictions through August. In a surprising change from the earlier ban, the new order only applies to tenants unable to pay rent due to COVID-19 or who qualify for unemployment. Speaking to...

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Uncertainty Still Looming After Gov. Cuomo’s New Order

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's new executive order narrowing the eviction moratorium goes into effect on June 20. What does that mean for NYC landlords? "There remains a cloud of uncertainty throughout the industry as to how these executive orders are to be interpreted, and real...

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Landlord Avoids Liability Due to Tenant’s Partition

KMWB's Nicholas Yokos secured a favorable ruling in recent tenant-initiated proceedings against a local landlord. In response to the tenant's call to 311, HPD inspected the premises and issued several violations, including for an illegal sheetrock partition. The...

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