KMWB Partner Edmond O’Brien Plays Key Role in Landlord’s Successful Eviction of Sherry-Lehmann Wine Store

Sherry-Lehmann was a premier wine retailer known for its extensive selection of fine wines and spirits, serving New York City and beyond for nearly 90 years.

Despite its storied history and reputation in the wine industry, the famous vintner — whose clientele over the decades included Henry Kissinger, Greta Garbo and Andy Warhol — has been charged with not paying taxes, bouncing checks and selling alcohol without a valid license.

KMWB Partner Edmond O’Brien served as the attorney for the landlord, Glorious Sun, in their legal actions against Sherry-Lehmann. He was instrumental in obtaining an “order of ejectment” against the vintner, allowing Glorious Sun to retake possession of the property due to unpaid rent exceeding $4.8 million. O’Brien’s efforts were crucial in navigating the legal process to initiate and complete the eviction.

Edmond O’Brien was also quoted in a New York Post article about the eviction which you can read here.