KMWB Partner Quoted in Attempt for City Officials to Consider Landlord’s Interests

As the statewide eviction moratorium ends August 5th, fears are mounting about whether New York City is set to “go over a cliff” with housing.

While advocates and elected officials have called for stronger relief measures for tenants, like cancelling rent, KMWB’s Nativ Winiarsky told the Queens Eagle that these “short-sighted answers… will only work to the ultimate detriment of all the citizens of this city.”

“We are all part of the same mutual symbiotic relationship and it is high time our politicians take note of that… To simply grant repose to tenants and forgive rent or make it exceedingly difficult for landlords to collect rent or construct yet another roadblock for landlords in their constitutional right to enforce a contract will only serve to cause landlords to face a similar cliff when it comes to paying mortgages and real estate taxes.”

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