KMWB Partners Discuss the Constitutionality of HSTPA and “Good Cause Eviction” on Realty Speak Podcast

Now, two and half years after the New York State Legislature passed the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (HSTPA), the legislation continues to wreak havoc on the real estate industry and further burden New York’s court system.

Most recently, the New York State Legislature is seeking to enact a “Good Cause Eviction” bill that will further infringe on the rights of property owners, even as the constitutional challenge to HSTPA winds its way through the courts.

On the latest episode of Realty Speak podcast, KMWB partner Nativ Winiarsky joins Bill Weidner as co-host, with guests KMWB partner Craig P Gambardella and Jim Burling of the Pacific Legal Foundation, to do a deep dive on the future of these laws, as well as their long-term effects: not only on property owners, but also on those who choose to rent rather than own.

Please reach out to Nativ or Craig with any questions you may have about HSTPA and “Good Cause Eviction.”