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Our experienced Loft Law Division delivers strategic guidance to owners, managing agents, developers, buyers, lenders, sellers and brokers interested in rehabilitating and developing loft buildings and understanding the Loft Law. We reduce the complexity so that you can do business with confidence.

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KMWB has real-world experience in Administrative Law, Litigation, Landlord Tenant Disputes and more.

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If you received a Loft Board application from a tenant, you may have a limited time to respond to protect your rights and your ability to collect rent. Contact us and we will help you protect your building.

The Loft Law practice group represents over one hundred building owners affected by Loft Law claims. We will guide you through this process and help you reduce the risks of a wrongful Loft Board determination, rent strike, fines and penalties for non-compliance.

We help owners protect themselves and their buildings from claims of Loft Law coverage, protected occupancy, rent overcharge and harassment.

We guide owners already covered by the Loft Law through the legalization process and help them obtain extensions for code compliance deadlines. We protect owners so they can properly negotiate sales of rights and fixtures (“buy-outs”), and litigate AirBnB, non-primary residence, illegal subtenant and nuisance to stop tenants from profiteering and engaging in unlawful activity in their buildings.

We work with lawmakers, agency officials, lobbyists and public relations professionals to guide policy decisions and influence public opinion.

We also practice before related administrative agencies including the Department of Buildings (DoB), the Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) and the Environmental Control Board (ECB).


The Loft Law practice group helps you quantify the risks associated with deals affected by the Loft Law. We have provided consultation in due diligence on numerous transactions involving development sites affected by the Loft Law, including projects where Loft Law coverage may provide substantial benefits to shrewd developers and investors.

We offer expertise in risk mitigation, rent regulatory issues, zoning and land use, construction law, obtaining and amending Certificates of Occupancy.


The Loft Law is complicated, and this complexity provides lucrative opportunities to real estate professionals who have the knowledge and guidance to capitalize on them.

In the 80’s and 90’s, the Loft Law was instrumental in the development of SoHo, NoHo, TriBeCa and DUMBO. The new Loft Law will continue to impact the development of Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Long Island City, Bushwick and more.

Our Loft Law practice group is on-call to answer any questions you have about this fascinating practice area that is unique to New York City.

Your Loft Law Attorney

Jason Frosch

Jason M. Frosch is a partner in the firm’s Supreme Court Division. He is a lead trial attorney in the Loft Law practice group and advises and represents owners and developers in zoning and land use, rent deregulation and rehabilitation, Loft Law and rent stabilization matters, including coverage, protected tenancy and rent overcharge claims and in regulatory compliance and legalization disputes.

Mr. Frosch practices all aspects of complex litigation, including trial, motion practice and discovery. He regularly appears in Supreme and Civil Courts and administrative tribunals.

Mr. Frosch received his J.D. from NYU School of Law and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.