New York Judge Issues Bewildering Directive

Last Thursday, Judge Lawrence Marks issued a memo laying out the steps for filing new evictions electronically or by mail. Unfortunately, the system is not yet operational.
The memo states that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s previous blanket eviction moratorium would remain in place “for the time being”, prompting “total confusion” among attorneys.
KMWB’s Nativ Winiarsky told The Real Deal, “Suffice it to say, and I don’t say this lightly, the New York City Housing Court has essentially ceased to function and to the extent landlords are looking for any relief, they need to explore their options in Civil Court (in the non-housing part) or Supreme Court.”
In the same article, Attorney Adam Leitman Bailey says, “This is like saying, ‘welcome to Housing Court, now please leave — and here’s the judge’s order to explain why you can’t do any business here.'”
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