NYC Housing Courts, One Year Later

As the country reflects on one year of COVID-19 upheaving our ways of life, New York City is still grappling with how it continues to reshape housing and our courts.

According to Law360, New York City marshals report conducting only nine court-mandated evictions since mid-March of 2020, down from more than 15,800 in 2019.

And the stay on evictions isn’t over yet.

While some advocacy groups consider the past year of inaction in the housing courts a win for tenants, landlords and their attorneys are still fighting for the City to see the bigger picture.

KMWB Partner Nativ Winiarsky was quoted by Law360 as bemoaning the “Cancel Rent” movement as one of several “shortsighted populist aphorisms”.

Debts are accumulating quickly and, despite the continually changing rules and regulations, no relief plan is in place for either side of the conversation.

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