KMWB Takes Action Against Housing Court Delays

As a leading law firm for landlords in New York City, KMWB is dedicated to fighting for the rights of our clients. That’s why we recently took action on behalf of one of our clients against the Queens County Office of Court Administration and the Civil Court of the City of New York for their intolerable delays in administering summary non-payment proceedings.

Our client, who spearheaded this charge, filed a lawsuit seeking an Order from the Queens Housing Court to:

  • fix trial dates in non-payment proceedings within three to eight days after a petition has been answered by a tenant
  • grant adjournments only upon request from a party
  • immediately issue warrants of eviction

Read the petition here.

This action represents our commitment to our clients and the entire real estate industry in New York City.

Filing this petition by our client is a courageous and necessary step towards fixing a broken system that fails to serve the interests of its citizens. We are proud to support and stand with them in this effort.

Our efforts have garnered attention from media outlets such as The Real Deal and New York Law Journal.

Additionally, our very own Nativ Winiarsky, Craig P. Gambardella, and Eric McAvey will discuss this issue in more depth on the Realty Speak and New York Multifamily Podcasts.

At KMWB, we are dedicated to advocating for landlords and their rights. We invite you to contact us if you want to learn more about this matter. Together, we can make a difference and bring much-needed change to the housing court system in New York City.